The beaches of La Barre de Monts, near the campsite in Vendée

When you stay at Le Grand Jardin campsite, you’ll no doubt want to enjoy the surrounding wilderness by spending some time on the beaches of La Barre de Monts. The Vendée is a magnificent region between ocean and bocage, with miles of coastline and as many seaside resorts where the whole family can meet up and have a good time. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Vendée is renowned for its fine sandy beaches, where flora and fauna live side by side. You’ll have the pleasure of discovering sublime pine forests that coexist with stretches of coastline. If you’re more of a freshwater enthusiast, the region also offers a number of water sports centres where you can have fun while discovering the Vendée countryside. The Boulogne or Vallées Saint Hilaire leisure centers are ideal for combining swimming and sporting activities. But if for you vacations at La Barre de Monts mean white sand, some of the region’s most beautiful beaches are just a few meters from the campsite. Here are some of the beaches you can visit during your stay at Camping Le Grand Jardin:

La bergère beach: the wildest of the lot

If you prefer a quiet stroll to listen to the sound of the waves and birdsong, La Bergère beach in La Barre de Monts is the place for you. Still untouched by mass tourism, this intimate beach is the perfect place to reconnect with nature. A paradise for local flora and fauna, you may even be lucky enough to encounter the king of the Vendée forests: the wild rabbit. Swimming is permitted on the Bergère beach, but it’s not supervised. You can also enjoy a picnic on the tables set up there.

Lays beach: the most natural

On the Lays beach at La Barre de Monts, walkers and naturists live side by side. Accessible only on foot, this beach is ideal for shell hunting or simply admiring the beauty of the surrounding vegetation. A true marvel still preserved from the world, but not recommended for children.

Grande Côte beach: the sportiest beach

If you’re a thrill-seeker, the Grande Côte beach is the perfect place to let off steam! Located just across from the island of Noirmoutier, you can take a deep breath of fresh air and try your hand at all kinds of sports and water sports. From sand yachting to paddle and kitesurfing, there’s something for everyone. But if you’re more into lounging, the Grande Côte beach is also ideal for soaking up the Vendée sun. It has the ideal infrastructure for water sports enthusiasts and preserves the beauty of its natural surroundings to seduce wilderness lovers. A beach for every taste.

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