Tourism at La Barre de Monts – Fromentine

Discover La Barre de Monts and Fromentine

La Barre de Monts (and its affiliated commune Fromentine) is a small town in the Vendée region of western France. This seaside village lies on the edge of the Breton marshes of the Vendée and the Atlantic Ocean.

This charming village is bordered by the Pays-de-Monts national forest, a pine forest that runs along the Côte de Lumière, linking La Barre de Monts and Fromentine to Saint Hilaire de Riez, via Notre Dame de Monts and many others…

It offers sumptuous scenery right across from the island of Noirmoutier. Also known for its maritime history, you can easily swim, fish or taste the local specialties.

This is the ideal location for our campsite near La-Barre-de-Monts and Fromentine.

Highlights of La Barre de Monts – Fromentine

The marshes near La Barre de Monts – Fromentine

This geographical area, just a stone’s throw from the campsite at La Barre de Monts – Fromentine, offers a wet landscape resulting from the meeting of maritime coastline and terrestrial flora.

It forms the boundary between two ancient French provinces, Poitou and Brittany, hence the name ” Marais Breton Vendéen“. Between fresh and salt water, these marshes include canals stretching around the wet meadows that litter the region. Today, the marshes are still used for salt production, which supplies the local trade. The area is home to a rich and varied fauna and flora that will delight tourists.

Forest landscape around La Barre de Monts – Fromentine

This long pine forest surrounds the dunes and local dwellings. The Pays-de-Monts state forest is unique in its length (25km). In fact, it runs along the entire coast from Barre de Monts and Fromentine to the communities much further south. This is the largest forest massif on the Vendée coast, and La Barre et Monts has most of it in its immediate vicinity.

What can you do in La Barre de Monts – Fromentine from the campsite?

You can visit the region’s oyster beds and stop off at the small shops of Fromentine on the seafront or Barre de Monts a little further inland. It’s also an ideal base for visiting theIle d’Yeu, as a pier leaves directly from Fromentine. The same goes for theisland of Noirmoutier, which is linked to La Barre de Monts by its famous bridge.

You’ll find plenty of walks and cycle paths to explore this part of the Vendée, while others may prefer to stop off in one of the many fishing areas.

Finally, an ideal place to acclimatize to the region’s heritage is, of course, its eco-museum. It introduces you to local history and culture through a natural environment and testimonials.

Beaches just a stone’s throw from camping La Barre de Monts and Fromentine

The beaches of La Barre de Monts – Fromentine boast a unique biodiversity. Each beach has its own identity. So you can swim on fine sandy beaches, mingle with local kitesurfers on sporty beaches, enjoy a swim in a quiet spot or even choose a beach where naturism is tolerated (Lays beach).

Our 5 beaches with unique environments:

Thanks to its beaches and maritime coastline, water sports have developed strongly in La Barre de Monts and Fromentine. You can practice :

There are numerous beaches close to the campsite, so make the most of them and stroll along the seafront.

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