Yeu Bridge, Notre Dame de Monts

Are you planning to visit the Vendée in Western France? Don’t leave without taking a trip over the Pont d’Yeu to Notre Dame de Monts, that long stretch of pebbles almost 4 kilometers long.

The natural treasure of Montpellier

The town of Notre-Dame des Monts is so proud to have this reef on its territory, which at low tide stretches 2 kilometers towards the Île d’Yeu. Some say 3 kilometers, others 4, but the good news is that nobody’s wrong after all. When the weather is fine and the strong equinox tide is present, it’s easy to see the 4 kilometers from the foot of the stairs to the Martha.

Where do all these pebbles come from?

The Yeu bridge is 45 million years old. According to geologists, it has existed since the Lutetian era. It is composed of several marine fossils. A closer look at the structure of the bridge reveals a multitude of oysters, gastropods and sea urchin fossils. The bridge owes its origins to the sandstone limestone of which it is composed and to the meeting of opposing ocean currents. In fact, you’ll find it extremely resistant to erosion.

The bridge’s other secrets: stone and oyster farming

The Pont d’Yeu was once a large stone quarry. Flat, medium and other road-building stones were quarried here. If you’re lucky enough for the tide to recede ahead of you, you’ll be able to pick up a few for yourself.

At one time, oyster farming also had its heyday on this bridge, still known as the Devil’s Bridge. The fishermen would happily return with large baskets for lunch or dinner. This is no longer possible, but you can still enjoy a sunbath and admire the magnificent view.

What to do around Notre Dame de Monts?

After your visit to the Pont d’Yeu, get some height and visit the Kulmino in the heart of the marsh. It offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area at an altitude of 70 m. Continue your tour of Notre Dame de Monts with a visit to Biotopia, close to the beaches. Here you can learn more about the coastal and forest environment through workshops and fun tours. A ten-minute walk will take you to the central beach of Notre Dame de Monts, where you can enjoy a stroll along the embankment. This particularly lively beach boasts several bars and restaurants. You can also enjoy a wide range of water sports such as sailing, paddling or simply swimming.

Visit the Pont d’Yeu from our Notre Dame de Monts campsite

When visiting the Vendée, it’s essential to visit the Pont d’Yeu. This natural wonder is located near our Notre Dame de Monts campsite. Choose a mobile home rental in Notre Dame de Monts or a comfort pitch to enjoy unforgettable vacations and the heritage of the Vendée.

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