Wind Garden at Notre Dame de Monts

Located in the village of Notre-Dame-des-Monts, le jardin du vent is a tourist site that lets you discover all the hidden facets of the region.

A natural area ideal for visits

Le jardin au vent is a unique natural space that gives you the chance to walk in many different ways. In fact, you can take an artistic stroll to visit the various works on display here. Afterwards, you can take a leisurely stroll through the park, where you can enjoy all the play facilities on offer. Last but not least, there’s plenty of room for an instructive stroll to learn new things about the area where the garden is located. To make the most of all these assets, you’ll need to do the whole route around the compass rose and the Théâtre de Verdure.

The wind garden is also a space where you can showcase the benefits of the wind if you know how to use it. Every day of the week, it presents a variety of entertainment and exchange programs.

A library in the heart of nature

As well as enjoying the benefits the Wind Garden has to offer visitors, you can also use the space for reading. In fact, the library in the garden allows you to enjoy reading sessions on your own or in a group (with family members, for example). Whether for grown-ups or the little ones, you’ll find a range of books to suit all walks of life. You can read in the library or in the garden to enjoy the benefits of the wind.

On site, you’ll also find entertainers to keep the site lively and full of surprises. The role of these artists is to help make your visit to the Wind Garden more enjoyable.

Camping in Notre Dame de Monts near Jardin du Vent

During your stay in Vendée, you’re bound to pass by the Jardin du Vent. This place of instruction and wonder is just a few minutes from our Notre Dame de Monts campsite. On vacation at our campsite with indoor swimming pool in the Vendée, you’ll be able to alternate between activities at our establishment and the many places of interest nearby, such as the Jardin du Vent. Near the campsite, don’t miss the Biotopia park, just a 4-minute drive away. Notre Dame de Monts is also a commune in the Vendée that is ideal for water sports. In fact, the commune boasts no fewer than 8 beaches, from the liveliest to the wildest, so choose the one that suits you best.

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