Visit Le Daviaud at La Barre de Monts in Vendée

Le Daviaud in La Barre de Monts is a surprising eco-museum named after the locality in which it is located. There’s no doubt that Le Daviaud, located near Le Grand Jardin campsite in the Vendée, will make you want to visit La Barre de Monts in the Vendée. The seaside resort is a paradise and a change of scenery, offering a varied landscape between sea and forest. Whatever your profile, you’ll be charmed by this small seaside village that amazes and impresses.

Le Daviaud, a surprising ecomuseum

A vacation in La Barre de Monts without a visit to the Daviaud Ecomuseum is like going to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower.

Le Daviaud is a must-see in the Vendée region, set in the open air in the heart of the Barre de Monts, the ecomuseum is recognized as a Musée de France. This is where you’ll find a wide range of activities, tours and exhibitions.

Le Daviaud is regarded as a place that bears witness to life on the Marais. It’s surprising, remarkable, interesting and fascinating all at the same time. The 6-hectare ecomuseum has welcomed over a million visitors in just 30 years. At the same time, it’s hard not to be seduced by this poetic, authentic environment.

Visits to Le Daviaud in Vendée

A visit to Le Daviaud begins with a large 250m2 gallery where you can learn more about the Marais and its people. The advantage of the ecomuseum is that it’s designed for children and adults alike, making it a fun and educational activity for the whole family.

Once the warm weather has settled in, the tour continues outdoors, where you can walk for over a kilometer through the marsh. You’ll take a step back in time, soaking up the special atmosphere and traditions of the Marais.

Le Daviaud is an immersive ecomuseum that tells the story of a rich historical and cultural heritage. Numerous activities are planned at the ecomuseum, so that you can put yourself in the shoes of market gardeners for a day. You’ll learn how to bake bread the old-fashioned way, make butter from a bowl, spin wool, dance traditional dances, care for animals – in short, you’ll play a key role in the life of the Marais. During the summer evenings, the ecomuseum offers nocturnal visits so that you can see the Daviaud from a different angle.

Le Daviaud, a committed ecomuseum

Le Daviaud is an eco-museum that has chosen to take on important issues. Particularly on inclusivity. It was important for the ecomuseum to be able to offer access to the entire visit for everyone. As a result, the ecomuseum is accessible to all people with disabilities. The experience will therefore be the same for everyone, and has been designed to ensure that a disability of any kind is never a barrier to knowledge and learning.

Finally, Le Daviaud has also been awarded the “Accueil Vélo” label, which means you can visit the Marais by bike. A picnic area and an inflatable area are located in the heart of the Marais, so you can take a short break during your walks.

What to do around Le Daviaud at La Barre de Monts in the Vendée?

The area around La Barre de Monts is not to be outdone, and when you come to stay in the commune you’ll also be able to enjoy a range of wonderful cultural, family and/or sporting activities that will leave your eyes full of memories.

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Family activities

Outdoor activities

In short, La Barre de Monts guarantees a holiday that will appeal to young and old alike, in the peace and fresh air, between sea and nature.

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